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Dave in front of Sam McGee's cabin in Whitehorse YT    
Welcome to my web site!

This site is purely a hobby. I have nothing to sell, including my opinions, but it is important to me to share how I think and feel. How many times have we heard "so what have you been doing?" Or, "how are you?" Well, here it is, but I do realize that not everyone actually cares, so this site is my way of sharing what I think and do with those who do care. No one is forced to come here, so no harm no foul, nor is it important that anyone agrees, it is just my way of sharing. If nothing else, I hope to provide another perspective for consideration, and maybe even help in some way.

The travel page is memories of each trip, written as they were happening. The story of my Navy days was written from memory. I felt compelled to write it before the memory faded, because it was my transition from a kid to a man, and an accomplishment I am proud of. Woodworking has become my favorite pursuit. So many things to make, so many things to improve, and sharing them is an important part for me. Believe me it is not ego because I just don't need it, that desire is purely my way of contributing out of a sense of gratitude to those who shared with me.

The West family history is a genealogy of the West family in Trinidad Colorado beginning in 1868. This is mainly for remaining family members and people searching for pieces of intersecting history of the many ancestors in our family tree.
This site is divided into seven sections:
I hope you find something of interest here. Please feel free to contact me.